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Cassoulet sounds interesting, sounds good, and makes you think of something French and probably delicious. But what is it? Historically it was a peasant dish of beans and mostly scrap meat which was put together in an earthenware casserole dish and cooked for the better part of the day. Some […]

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Thanksgiving part 2. The turkey


      The turkey     Thanksgiving recipes.   Here are some basic recipes for the thanksgiving meal followed by a few creative ones.   Roast turkey. (10ppl) 15lb turkey (brine) 1 gal water 1 cup kosher salt ¼ cup light brown sugar ½ t thyme ½ t sage […]

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Grilling beef part 2


  In the first part of grilling steaks we went over the 3 main types of beef cuts and how to best enjoy them. The first article discussed group 1 which is from the loin and has the most tender cuts which lend themselves to quick grilling over high heat. […]