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As I look for food inspiration during the cold and dark days of February there is often talk of Mardi Gras. It is the carnival in New Orleans that takes place the week before Ash Wednesday and lent. New Orleans is known for great food, particularly the Cajun and Creole […]

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Turkey stock


To make a basic turkey stock for utilizing in soups and sauces, you can use the recipes for chicken stock or dark chicken stock. This will keep it mild, neutral and very versatile. I often do this after certain holidays when stores are selling turkeys very cheap. You can use […]

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Duck confit


The last time I was in Paris I tried to eat in mainly traditional small bistros that served classic bistro fare. The city is so beautiful and offers art, history, and architecture in museums and parks all over the town. You often end up walking for hours not realizing how […]

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Cassoulet sounds interesting, sounds good, and makes you think of something French and probably delicious. But what is it? Historically it was a peasant dish of beans and mostly scrap meat which was put together in an earthenware casserole dish and cooked for the better part of the day. Some […]

Basic steps, chicken, poultry, stock

Dark chicken stock


This is a variation of regular chicken stock. It is very useful in many recipes calling for beef or veal stock. When you need a sauce for game, roast lamb or any dark sauce for a roast you can use this recipe. The recipe is almost the same as regular […]

Basic steps, chicken, poultry, stock

Chicken stock


Chicken stock is the foundation for countless recipes, including soups, stews and sauces. Good, properly made chicken stock is why the restaurant preparation tastes so special. There are usually big cauldrons of stock simmering for hours in the back of restaurants with scrap bones and vegetable trim. You can save […]