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Duck confit


The last time I was in Paris I tried to eat in mainly traditional small bistros that served classic bistro fare. The city is so beautiful and offers art, history, and architecture in museums and parks all over the town. You often end up walking for hours not realizing how […]

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Cassoulet sounds interesting, sounds good, and makes you think of something French and probably delicious. But what is it? Historically it was a peasant dish of beans and mostly scrap meat which was put together in an earthenware casserole dish and cooked for the better part of the day. Some […]

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This recipe is a a stepping stone in creating other dishes. Slowly sautéing the finely chopped vegetables in butter releases sweetness from the carrots and onions, balanced by the celery and imparts a wonderful aroma and flavor to your further creation. A combination of two parts onion, one part each […]

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Boeuf Bourguignon


As we walked through the Bastille market on a rainy Sunday last time in Paris, we looked at the amazing white asparagus and fresh strawberries that the produce vendors were selling. Every one of them was picture perfect and without a blemish. Next was the fishmonger with fresh St Pierre […]